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    Stopping to smell the roses...


    I'm Amy Elizabeth, The Queen Bee NYC

    The "Queen Bee" nickname was given to me by friends since I've been known to have people swarm around me to get whatever it is I'm giving out - business therapy, career direction, work advice, ridiculous stories, cookies..


    I left my corporate job in 2013 after becoming a Certified Life Purpose & Career Coach. I've coached woman and men, young and old (whatever "old" means!) and found that we all share the common ground of simply wanting to be happy.


    It may sound dramatic, but it really is a distinct honor to be trusted and "let in" to help someone gain the clarity, confidence and courage to define what happiness means to them and help them take action to make it happen.


    Life's the sweetest when you're being true to yourself.


    To learn more about me and my career path (it wasn't straight!) you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile.


    I'm so grateful to my wonderful clients!

    Denise, CT

    "Amy gets on your level. Her advice and guidance is straightforward, but also a little magical."

    Carly, NJ

    "Her spirit, excitement, and ability to listen and guide helped get me through some extremely tough times."

    Genevieve, NYC

    "Amy is not only positive, but compassionate and realistic."

    Maria, NYC

    "Amy’s advice and guidance is always on target. She helps you articulate what’s been within you, all along.

    Being with Amy makes me feel invigorated and invincible. I always walk away wanting to conquer the world!"

    Ruth, NYC

    "I feel like I had a renewed spirit after we got off the phone!"

    Elle, NYC

    Coach, a million thanks for being you and helping me become a better me

    both personally and professionally. I’m beyond appreciative of your expertise, level of professionalism, objectivity and incomparable enthusiasm. It’s your consistent, optimistic energy that’s resonating and getting me through this uncomfortable and challenging time."

    Vanessa, NYC

    "Working with her was like having a super solid and reliable friend who can listen and provide you with advice that gets you out on the path toward your success, making you feel empowered, supported and energized."

    Melanie, NM

    "Her focused line of questioning provokes true ah-ha moments and uncovers gut responses and deepest desires. She enables clients to stop viewing their lives and careers in terms of limitations by guiding them

    to see all of the positive possibilities available when they simply shift their way of thinking."

    Holly, NY

    "I’ve witnessed first-hand how she has successfully trained and counseled hundreds of executives from very diverse backgrounds and industries. Her smile and wit help her establish a true connection with her clients, but it’s her passion for helping people that really makes them want to come back for more."

    Cinda, NYC

    "Amy is tremendously skilled at helping her clients break down the challenges they face and create an effective and workable plan to realize their goals."

    Margaux, NYC

    "She’ll help you get clear when it comes to turning your passions into your profession."

    Stephanie, NJ

    "Amy has an incredible way of putting you at ease and helping you

    discover your true assets, goals and what really makes you tick."

    Robin, NYC

    "She’s like a professional BFF who cares so deeply about your success and your future."

    Jennifer, NYC

    "She helps unlock what's inside you..."


    Coaching is rarely linear, so be ready to bend and flex as we work together!



    You'll send me an introductory message (who you are and why you're interested in coaching) and then I'll reach out to schedule a complimentary consult (usually 15-20 minutes) to discuss how we'd work together and answer any questions.


    Decision Time

    If you like how we connect with one another, then we'll commit to working together and personalize a plan just for you. Most clients choose to buy a pack of sessions, but there's no right or wrong way.


    Commit & Work

    Once payment is received, we'll schedule our session(s) and begin to get you buzzing! I'll be here for you by phone, email, video chats and in some cases, in person.



    I may not post regularly, but these are filled with honey nuggets of wisdom.

    'Bee' ready to get exactly what you need while you read.


    Drop me a line - I'd love to bee in touch!

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