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    Connect with me and I'll infuse you with goodness! And when you feel good, guess what happens? More good comes to you! Promise.


    You're the only one who has to live your life, so you might as well live it the way you want to! #BeeYourself

    Stopping to smell the roses...


    I'm Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

    We all want the ever-elusive "happiness", but most of the time we don't even know what that even means.


    We're caught up in what we think we should do.

    What others are doing. Or what we think others want us to do.


    But guess what? (This isn't a secret.)

    They're not living our lives. WE ARE!


    Life's the sweetest when you respect

    who you are and what you want.


    When you honor your God-given talents and desires

    and give yourself the permission to be free!


    I've helped many woman (and a few men) gain the clarity, confidence and courage to define what happiness means to them. And then take action to make it happen.


    Are you next?


    In case you're wondering, the "Queen Bee" nickname was bestowed upon me by friends and colleagues who'd swarm around to get whatever it was I was giving out - business therapy, career direction, life advice, scripts for emails/conversations, ridiculous stories, cookies...


    Why did they stick close?

    Because (and I say this humbly) they got a buzz.


    They felt infused with positive energy.

    They felt Important. (They are.) Like they mattered. (They do.)

    And like they could do anything. (They can.)


    Can I help you get to buzzin'?

    And let's keep it real. When you're not in the greatest place (and mood) it can be really hard to motivate and inspire yourself. Believe me. I know. I've spent waaay too much time feeling like I'm in quicksand.


    Whatever you do, pleeeease don't beat yourself up or carry around shame (or pride) for wanting to get help. Sometimes God works through others to lift you up and out of your funks. And if it makes you feel better, you can pay it forward when you're ready to and help someone who was in your position. Kinda like me. :-)


    Coaching is rarely a linear process, so be ready to bend and flex as we work together!


    Ice Breaker

    Begin by sending me a message using the contact form below. Tell me what's up and why you're interested in working with a coach.

    We'll schedule a call (15-20 minutes - free!) to discuss how we'd work together and I'll answer any questions about the process.


    *Please know that there's never any pressure to work with me. I'd cringe if anyone tried to hard sell me or pressure me to make a decision I wasn't ready to make, so I won't do that to you.


    **Buuut, just know that after talking with me, you'll forever be connected to someone who cares and will keep you in her thoughts and prayers. :-)


    Decisions, Decisions

    If you like how our conversation went and feel like you want to work with me, then we'll personalize a plan, just for you. Most clients choose to buy a pack of sessions, but there's no 'right' way.


    Goal Get It

    Once payment is received, we'll schedule our session(s) and begin to get you buzzing! I'll be here to support you by phone, email and video chats.


    I'm so grateful to the following clients for their accolades.

    Denise, CT

    "Amy gets on your level. Her advice and guidance is straightforward, but also a little magical."

    Genevieve, NYC

    "Amy is not only positive, but compassionate and realistic."

    Maria, NYC

    "Amy’s advice and guidance is always on target. She helps you articulate what’s been within you, all along.

    Being with Amy makes me feel invigorated and invincible. I always walk away wanting to conquer the world!"

    Elle, NYC

    Coach, a million thanks for being you and helping me become a better me

    both personally and professionally. I’m beyond appreciative of your expertise, level of professionalism, objectivity and incomparable enthusiasm. It’s your consistent, optimistic energy that’s resonating and getting me through this uncomfortable and challenging time."

    Vanessa, NYC

    "Working with her was like having a super solid and reliable friend who can listen and provide you with advice that gets you out on the path toward your success, making you feel empowered, supported and energized."

    Melanie, NM

    "Her focused line of questioning provokes true ah-ha moments and uncovers gut responses and deepest desires. She enables clients to stop viewing their lives and careers in terms of limitations by guiding them

    to see all of the positive possibilities available when they simply shift their way of thinking."

    Jennifer, NYC

    "She helps unlock what's inside you..."

    Cinda, NYC

    "Amy is tremendously skilled at helping her clients break down the challenges they face and create an effective and workable plan to realize their goals."

    Margaux, NYC

    "She’ll help you get clear when it comes to turning your passions into your profession."

    Holly, NY

    "I’ve witnessed first-hand how she has successfully trained and counseled hundreds of executives from very diverse backgrounds and industries. Her smile and wit help her establish a true connection with her clients, but it’s her passion for helping people that really makes them want to come back for more."

    Stephanie, NJ

    "Amy has an incredible way of putting you at ease and helping you

    discover your true assets, goals and what really makes you tick."

    Robin, NYC

    "She’s like a professional BFF who cares so deeply about your success and your future."


    15 Minute Call
    Individual Session - 60 min
    Five Pack of 60 Minute Sessions

    Help yourself to some honey nuggets of wisdom

    and be sure you'll get exactly what you need, while you read.

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