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Better Resolutions this
New Year's

Hanukkah is here, Christmas is coming, and the New Year is just two weeks away. Ahhh!!! :)

I’m sure you’ve got a ton going on, but I wanted to share one of my traditions and a unique perspective on New Year’s resolutions that you might want to make time for in the coming days.

Many of us have a tendency to go from one thing to the next so rapidly that
unless we make a point to reflect, we forget all that transpired

That was definitely me, so I got into the habit of doing a quick review of the day. Each night, I go over my calendar (it’s super-detailed) to acknowledge everything I did that day, see what could be improved upon, forgive and forget, give thanks, and set my intention for the next day.

Now I’ve taken this habit and turned it into a New Year’s Eve tradition, where I do a Year in Review and New Year’s kick-off party.

For the year in review, I do the same thing I typically do daily, but I go through the entire year. I don’t spend a lot of time mired in the details. Instead, I look for themes and pull out highlights.


Kind of like those amazing credit card yearly activity statements, I see how Ispent my time. I also take note of any big lessons learned, how I felt, and how I feel as I reflect. Then I stuff my face with pizza.


Just kidding! ;-)


Why dive into the wild world of feelings? Because our emotions are signals. They are not to be ignored. They help guide us on what’s good, and not so good, for us personally.


Plus, the New Year’s kick-off party is based on feelings. Once you figure out how you felt this year, you start thinking about how you want to feel next year.


Intentions are important, because if you’re not clear on what’s driving you to do
what you’re doing, then why are you even doing it? It’s about living life purposefully


Ask yourself how you want to feel in 2015. Accomplished? Wealthy? Content? Less stressed? Energized? Healthy? Independent? Loved? Less moody? There are no wrong answers.


When you set intentions for how you want to feel, you’re expressing what’s
important to you. And when you’re clear on that, you’ll make choices that align with those values


Many of us make resolutions like exercise daily, lose weight, buy organic, cook more, speak up in meetings, gossip less at work, manage time at work better, spend more time with family, get a monthly massage, relax, watch less TV, read more books.


Unless your intention to do these things matches your values, then the energy behind the list is more about what you “should do,” which creates pressure and can make us crack.


That’s why many people despise resolutions, because they feel like they always fail. Well, New Year’s doesn’t have to mean New Tears if you’re clear on what you want to feel, do, and be.


So, that’s my tradition and suggestion on how to start the New Year. Take it or leave it!


Quick Recap:


- 2014 Year in Review: Look over your calendar and note themes, highlights, how you spent your time, lessons learned, how you felt, and how you feel as you reflect.
-2015 Kick-Off Party: Think about how you want to feel next year, and pick your top 3 to 5
desirable feelings. Set your intentions and use those desires to make choices that align with your values throughout the year.


So, what do you think? Make sense? Not so much? Let me know if you have any
questions, and if you do a review, I’d love to hear what you thought about it afterwards.


Lastly, if you happen to be ending the year and have no idea what you want or how you want to feel in 2015, then perhaps you need the gift of clarity. I’d love nothing more than to help whack the weeds on your path to happiness, so consider working with me in 2015 so that you can live life on purpose and bee buzzing!


Bee Light,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC


PS: For more eCards dripping with sarcasm and truth, you have got to check out if you've never been to their site.  Comedic genius!

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