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Don't Miss Out on Your Perfect Experience

When you listen to your gut, you'll always have the "perfect" experience.

Happy Thursday!! Before I get into today’s message, I wanted to let you know that I have – get this – received some requests to create a podcast. I can’t tell you how happy and excited
these out-of-the-blue comments made me since I love, LOVE to talk!

Now, I do have an audio version of each blog, but starting today I’m expanding them a bit more in the spirit of “riffing” - a rapid energetic often improvised verbal outpouring;

especially: one that is part of a comic performance (thank you Merriam-Webster).

So, if you’d like some company on your commute, at the gym, or while you clean your house, I'd love to tag along!

Thank you so much for your honest and encouraging feedback - please keep it coming! My purpose is to serve, so it’s helpful to know what clicks and what doesn’t so I can give you what you need/want!

So, with that, here’s today’s Buzz:

I had a flashback recently to me driving my dad’s green Jeep Cherokee, listening to Rusted Root, smoking my morning cigarette as I cruise down Oxford Valley Road to the Sheraton for my summer job. (Dad, you knew I smoked in your car, right? <gulp>)

Given what I’ve told you about being an accent-wielding candy striper and manager of my own hotel as a kid, you might guess I was a concierge or front desk manager - but, you’d be wrong.

I worked for the cart and card team - key card that is. That’s right – knock, knock - housekeeping!

Surprisingly, being required to do weekly chores with my older brother growing up didn’t turn me off to cleaning, but rather on to it. There was something so satisfying about it.

Bringing order and organization to the papers in the kitchen, gathering all the trash and throwing it out, and cleaning the water marks off the bathroom mirror so it shined once again
energized me! I loved making the place look good, because it made me (and my family) feel good.

Knowing I needed a job, my friend who was a front desk manager at the Sheraton suggested working there. Wearing a blazer and standing up straight for hours certainly intrigued me, but my love for cleaning - and keeping my parents on their toes - made a job in housekeeping seem much more ideal. ;)

I didn’t think about the things that could potentially suck about the job. (And like most jobs, there were some things that did!) And I chose to ignore the voice in my head telling me the negative things people would think about me when I told them I was a housekeeper.

I just decided to do what I wanted without asking anyone for their opinion. And that was the way to go because I was in my glory that summer! The job fit exactly what I was looking for at the time.

  • Low maintenance/no frills:I got to wake up and not put on any make up. I’d tie my hair back and put on my uniform. (I love not having to think about what I have to wear so much that I begged my parents to let me apply to Catholic school in an attempt to get out of it!)
  • Flying solo: While we were a team, I got my own cart, my own floor, and no one
    micromanaged me. (Rooms were inspected, but no one watched my every move. Except for when word got out that I could make a bed in less than 90 seconds. The team flocked to see that!)
  • Set schedule: 8:30 – 3:30. I didn’t have to work evenings or weekends and have to
    constantly shift my social plans with my changing schedule. (Funny, though - I can’t recall what I did that summer besides work! LOL)
  • Structure: It was a race against the clock. You had a list of rooms that had to get done by a check-in time. (And I’m sure you know how it feels when your room isn’t ready and all you want to do is to detach yourself from your suitcase and plop down on the bed, right?) There were set break times - 15 minutes - perfect for small talk and cigarettes - and 30 minutes - just enough time to eat and swap stories of the horrors we’d seen!
  • Physical activity: I worked up a sweat each and every day because I was constantly moving.
  • Challenging: You may think working in housekeeping is easy breezy and predictable, but you never knew what you’d get that day. You could:
    • Get to work and find out someone’s sick and have more rooms to clean in the same amount of time.
    • Open the door (after knocking of course) and see two people going at it which requires you to tweak your schedule and come back when they’re finished their morning romp.
    • Discover something in the bathroom that’s going to require rubber gloves and you to ditch your next cigarette break – and at a time you really need it!
  • Fun: Well, all the stuff I consider to be fun, like:
    • Being in charge.
    • Listening to music.
    • Pushing a cart filled with warm fluffy towels and travel size goodies.
    • Making vacuum marks on carpet.
    • Saying hi to and smiling at strangers.
    • Giving people a fresh place to retreat to.

I’m telling you, I loved that job. And not just because of everything above, but because of the people.

I just had a feeling I needed to be with the ladies in housekeeping. I didn’t understand it. I questioned it a bit, but when push came to shove, I went with my gut and had/have no regrets.

With each break I got to know, respect, and like the people I worked with. They were humble, hard-working bunch who liked to laugh. They taught me not to take everything so seriously - a lesson I continue to learn, believe it or not!

And there were so many other lessons I learned from them personally and professionally that I won’t even get into. If I didn’t follow my instincts, I wouldn’t have learned what I did and been touched by the kindness and generosity of Marie, Dee and Gail – my “work moms” that summer.

Here’s what I want to say about this. Do what you want. Stop caring what everyone else thinks. You are the only one who has to live your life, so you might as well live it on your own terms.

Trust that whatever you do, wherever you are, you’ll learn what you need to learn and meet who you need to meet. It’s amazing what happens when you just let go.

I’ve got more anecdotes and things to say in the podcast, so I hope you take a listen, share with others (social cred is crucial for my mission so I appreciate your help spreading The Buzz!) and let me know what you think. I value what you have to say!

Here’s to doing what YOU want! Don’t conform to the norm if you’re not feeling it.

Bee Buzzing,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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