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Get Me Off This Ride!!

What to do when you didn't buy a ticket for the ride you're on.

Hello and happy day, my friend! I hope this finds you buzzing.

Soooo much has been going on. I feel like I’ve been going through some sort of mental boot camp - that I didn’t sign up for.

And doesn’t seem to have an end, but I’ll tell you this:

Once it hit me that it was a test (I need that kind of reminder too!) and sharpened my #2 pencil, it’s been getting a whole lot easier.

Because what you resist persists. (Take that one in.)

I joke about not signing up for the class, but I’m well aware that being a coach doesn’t mean I’m exempt from hardship.  

In fact, in order to be an effective one, I need to experience it.

You’re welcome. (I hope you can picture my great big smile.)

And I’m not holding the details back on purpose. (That’s so not me – ha!)

I’m just not quite through it yet and feel it’s too soon to turn this mess (and it’s not that hideous, so don’t go worrying your pretty little head about it) into an effective message.

Until then, here are two quick things I’d like to say that have been reinforced during this time:

#1: “Bee” open: Like I mentioned above, when I stopped resisting and decided to embrace this class without end, it’s been easier. This wouldn't be happening if I didn’t need to learn something from it. That small shift in mindset has made a massive difference.

#2: “Bee” vulnerable: I tried hard to keep it together (whatever that means) so I held back from talking with those who love and care about me.

I’m not suggesting that you blast your business to everyone in your inner circle, but confiding in someone you trust should make you feel safe.

When you do that, the stuff that has a hold on you loses its grip.

Dealing with things on your own isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes you can get to where you want to be quicker and easier with a little help from your friends.

It was the wise words of those closest to me that helped drag me out of the trenches and see this time for what it is. THANK YOU PEEPS!!

Now, why do I have a picture of The Zipper here? I’m glad you asked.

I used to ride The Zipper every year. Multiple times. In a row.

I loved the thrill. I could not wait to get locked in that cage and see what would happen. Would it be the one that flip backwards four times consecutively?? Oh, God, I hope so!!

Since I’ve been thinking of the past few months as some wild ride, not unlike The Zipper, I thought I’d head to the boardwalk and get a ticket for the thrill that made me who I am today. (Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration.)

My plan is to get on (not knowing exactly what to expect), let go of control (like I have any, anyway!) and enjoy the ride for what it is (or at least try to)!

I’ll let you know how it goes next time we talk. Speaking of talking…

In today’s podcast I’ve got a bonus insight I’m sharing there, so “bee” sure to tune in and listen!

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Until next time…

Bee Buzzing,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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