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Gratitude Schmatitude

It's easier to be a brat than to be grateful. Here's why you should care about gratitude.

It’s Thanksgiving today in America!

I’ve got to ice the pumpkin whoopee pies, find stretchy pants that I haven’t worked out or slept in and get ready for some fun family time!

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the importance of gratitude lately. Truth be told, that can be as annoying as Black Friday sales commercials.

I’m not diminishing the importance of giving thanks (or a good sale), but let’s be real and recognize that it can be much easier to be a brat than to be grateful.

We’re human. We want things. And when we don’t get what we want or we’re not where we want to be in life, it’s easy to feel discouraged. (And that feeling can be magnified on days like today when we’re surrounded by family and/or friends, am I right?)

Now, I realize that as an American I have more than most people in this world when it comes to food, health, education, environment, material things, opportunities, etc.

But everything’s relative. And that’s the big picture perspective that’s often hard to see when things are out of focus in our own world.

When you’re flying high, you’re more apt to “Like” all those sappy status updates and photos of friends on their holiday getaway, with their hunky husbands, decorating their amazing house, or dressing up their cute little munchkins. (Why are kid clothes so darn adorable?!)

And while you may not begrudge them of their happiness, when you’re longing for something and don’t have it yet, it can certainly sting.

You have a choice though. You can focus on the sting and become cranky or you can take the first step to getting what you want by being grateful for what you already have.

Acceptance doesn’t mean you give up on wanting more - not at all.

Think about it this way. If your kid has a ton of toys he isn’t playing with and asks you for another one, are you going to run out to the store to make a purchase or are you going to insist he make use of all that he does have before he gets a new one? (This example works if you choose the latter. <wink>)

If my kid was sitting on the floor with a ton of toys not wanting to play with them, there’s no way I’d get him another one. Reward a brat with a gift? No way. That just creates an unappreciative monster.

But, if I saw him making use of all the toys I’ve already given him, I might think, “Aww, look at him playing so nicely. He seems to really like those Legos. Maybe I’ll get him a new set since he loves them so much.”

And BAM! When he least expects it, he gets a gift. That same sorta magic happens with us when we’re truly happy with what we have. More good stuff flows into our lives.

It’s only natural to be unsatisfied at times, but be aware of it and make the choice to check yourself before you wreck yourself. I’ve got tips on how to do that in the podcast.

Before I slip into my food coma (kidding) let me give thanks to you. You’re awesome. I hope you know that. Thanks for being a part of The Hive.

Have an absolutely lovely day. XO

Bee Happy & Full,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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