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How to Be on Permanent Vacation

You can be "vacation you" all year long!

It’s officially summer - yay!

There are four seasons each year, and depending on where you live, you might not be able to tell the difference by the weather, but there’s always a difference in energy, right?

In winter we’re hibernating, staying warm and cozy and stuffing our cheeks so that when spring comes along we’ve got a reserve of fresh energy.

And before fall – the back to school, back to business ramp up – there’s summer. The time to recharge and reconnect with ourselves so that we can move forward refreshed and reinvigorated.

Do not let the summer go by without doing this or else you will go into fall depleted and we can’t have that! So, how do we do that? We get in the zone.

The longer days, the warmth of the sun, the flowers, the people who seem to have come out of the woodwork, the outdoor dining, the uptick in ice-cream consumption, etc. all help to create this more carefree mood – this summer magic, so to speak.

Vacation helps too. When you leave the pressures behind and focus solely on your personal fun, enjoyment, and pleasure – all the things that make you happy – you get in that zone.

In your relaxed state, the magic happens, and inspiration and ideas start to flow - along with all the feel-good juices in your body.

Now, if you have a bunch of amazing and exciting ideas that come to you, please don’t go brushing them aside as if they could never become a reality. You may think it’s just “vacation you” talking.

But here’s the thing. Vacation you is the real you. Why? Because when you’re on vacation, you’re in your natural state of being.

Notice how all this great stuff seems to happen and you feel like you’re on some kind of high? Things just fall into place and you’re relaxed and happy? That’s because you’re focused on you!!!

We started that way as kids, right? Focused on our own pleasure and doing what we like. If your childhood wasn’t idyllic, don’t worry - you’re not doomed. You’ll just get double for your trouble. :)

As we go through life, we get bogged down by external pressures and expectations that sometimes we don’t even remember who we are and what we’re truly about. We’re so busy filling everyone else’s needs, that we forget about our own - the most important ones of all!

It’s time to get back to being selfish so we can be on permanent vacation!

So if you’re thinking about making a job or career change or simply want to add more pleasure to your life, it helps to know what you really like doing. Seems obvious, but it’s often overlooked.

People are more inclined to look to the outside for help rather than inside. A great way to do that is to spend some time thinking about what makes you happy. And chances are your past holds some clues.

What should you think about? I’ve got some help for you here and here.

The first link is a video interview I did for the Solopreneur show that’ll walk you through the steps and the second is a previous blogpost (A Simple Guide to Finding Your Purpose) that compliments the video.

If you do these self-reflection activities and still can’t seem to uncover your purpose or you did but are wondering – well now what do I do? – help is only a call/email/Tweet/Facebook message away.

Helping people remember what they love and showing them how to weave that back into their lives to become happier and more fulfilled - and maybe even make money doing it – is what I do. And I’d love to help you.

When you’re ready (how about now?!) click here and here to start the process of finding out what you love! 

If you liked this, chances are someone you know might too. I’d “bee” ever so grateful if you spread The Buzz with the links below so we can get more and more people feeling good and buzzed!

Until next time...

Bee Buzzing,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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