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How to Solve Any Problem

“Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but  doesn’t get you anywhere.”

This is one of my favorite quotes, but just because I know better, doesn’t mean I do better all the time.

You see, until a couple days ago, I wasn’t feeling well. I got slammed with something that had me out for the count for over a week. I cut out anything that didn’t have to get done and just slept.

Then yesterday, I woke up with energy and a cranky pants attitude. Even though I was glad I listened to my body and rested, I was struck with anxiety because I had soooo much to do and no idea how it would all get done.

Since my best friend knows me so well (it’s uncanny how well, actually) and exactly how to serve my own advice to me when I need it most, I reached out to her.

And,what started out as a crappy day turned into a wonderful worry-free day of mini-miracles - that I get into during the podcast.

First things first, she reminded me of the counterintuitive solution that none of us want to do when we’re stuck on a problem – stop thinking about it!

She pleasantly reminded me that it was time to get physical. After all, I’ve said countless times that my workouts are a non-negotiable.

I fought for a minute because, like most humans, I want to believe I can fix what I am working on by focusing on it, but I knew she was right.

I made the decision to no longer worry about how I'd get everything done, to just go to kickboxing, and take it from there - one step/punch/kick at a time!

If you've ever kickboxed before, you know that workout is thoroughly exhausting.  (And
exhilarating.)  And it’s even more so when you haven’t been at it for over a week!

I fought my way through and afterwards, felt such relief. It was like with every drop of sweat, my anxiety left my body and I floated outside on an amazing endorphin high.

Getting my mind off my problem was crucial. And so was getting moving. While it drained me of some physical energy in the short-term, it restored my positive mental energy.

When I got home, I could not stop the ideas and was suddenly in a work flow.  If I stayed home, I probably would have gotten even crankier (yikes!) and not been able to move forward as quickly and easily.

Everything else fell into place too. The day just flowed. All those details are in the podcast if you’d care to have a (one-way) chat with me.

Yesterday served as a great reminder that:

  • Worry is useless! It's just a waste of precious energy!
  • When you get your mind off your problem, the solution comes.
    • Get physical or help someone else - do something to distract yourself from the issue.
    • Trust that it will all work out.
      • This
        can be challenging, but once you decide to say – What the heck?! Let me
        do the opposite of what I’m inclined to do. What’s the worst thing that
        could happen?? – you will get into "el flow".
        • El flow is when you relinquish control and decide to hand your problem over to the power(s) that be. All you need to “worry” about is what you want. The how will take care of itself.
        • It will.  I promise, but you've got to do your part and "bee"lieve!

I talk about this more in depth in the podcast, so if it’s something you need to hear, take a listen.

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Thanks for spreading The Buzz and until next time…

Bee Buzzing,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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