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I Walked On Water

Who knew paddleboarding would be a metaphor for life?

I’m not trying to be the Grim Reaper of summer, but it’s almost over.

What have you been up to? Everyone I’ve talked to has been blown away by how quickly it’s gone by, but they’ve been doing little things to make it memorable before heading into the new season.

I hope the same goes for you. If not, there’s still time!

I did something this summer I never did before - paddleboarding.

It was really cool to be standing up and gliding in the middle of the bay. Kinda like walking on water.

And I went in the evening, so I literally paddled into the sunset.

I kept looking at the reflection of the sun in the water despite being told to look up. I had to though. I forgot my sunglasses. ;)

As my feet ached from gripping the board tightly (God forbid I fall in and get my bathing suit wet. Could you imagine?), the instructor told us stories about the kids she teaches in paddleboarding camp.

Apparently, they don’t want a lesson before jumping onto the board with no reservations.

They figure out which way to paddle – get this – as they go. <wink>

Some kids line up their boards and run from one to another. RUN.

Some even try to knock each other off their boards with their paddles. WHY?!

Are you kidding me?? What the hell?!?

Okay, I’m not really angry. Just jealous.

Because these young folks don’t get caught up in their fears - if they have any to begin with!

They don’t waste time trying to cover every base and think through every detail.

They jump on their boards and trust they’ll figure things out as they go along.

They’re playful, take risks, and have fun.

Upon hearing this, I decided there was no way I’d let these (not-even-present) kids show me up.

I took a nod from these wise young ones, eased my grip and relaxed a bit.

I looked up and actually took in my surroundings. (By that time, we were paddling east, so I could!)

I even laughed it off when I bumped boards or went left when I really wanted to go right because - after all that time - I still couldn’t figure out which way to paddle…

Once I decided to change my ways, I enjoyed the experience much more.

It was an absolutely gorgeous night, the scenery was lovely, the water was calm, I got a bit of a workout, tried something new, and learned some valuable lessons.

I even got a little daring at the end. (Well, not that daring.)

Here’s what I did. You know the corpse pose that comes at the end of every yoga class – shavasana?

Well, I did that on the board. I just lay there and let my fingers touch the water. Until, of course, I remembered seeing lots of jellyfish when I was paddling, so I had to take them out. (Baby steps!)

Floating like that was incredibly peaceful. I could have fallen asleep and been there for hours just rocking gently, listening to the breeze, the birds - and the bugs. :) It was pretty awesome.        

Who knew paddleboarding would be a metaphor for life?

In today’s podcast I’m talking about my experience, sharing more deets, and hopefully getting you good and buzzed, so “bee” sure to listen!

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Until next time…

Bee Buzzing,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

PS: I’m taking the next two weeks off and will be back September 3. Hear why in the podcast!

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