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Keep Your Eyes (And Mind) Open - Look Out For Black Cats

Knowing what you want, but being open to other possibilities is a crucial to your happiness.

My friend and I went to the animal shelter one day to look at the cats.

I knew exactly what I wanted - a black cat that I’d name “Alvy”. (Don’t ask, but I’ll tell in the podcast.)

I was on a mission – no time for fun – so I quickly walked up and down the corridor of cages, scanning them for black cats.

I spotted two. The first seemed to care more about chasing his tail than meeting me, so I wasn’t feeling him. The second didn’t even try to put his best paw forward when I came over. (Don’t you want outta here buddy?!)

Not finding what I came for, I was ready to go. But my friend wasn’t. He was having a ball and kept trying to get me to check out the white cat he was playing with. (White?! Did you pay any attention to me in the car??)

As I stood back (likely with some pretty inviting body language) I noticed this kitten staring at me. She was right up at the front of the cage looking all prim and proper, with her teeny head tilted to the side.

She looked pretty darn adorable from a distance, but all I could think was, “is she black?” She looked like she could be, but seemed to have something in her fur – maybe dust or dirt?

Like a cat, I was curious, so I went over to find out. As I approached the cage, she came into focus – black, with brown highlights. Hmmm… I’d never seen a cat with that coloring before. (Tortoise shell they’re called. And they’re usually much more brown, but this one really wanted to be black - my kind of girl.)

Unlike her fellow feline orphans, she seemed to be aware that her fate was in my hands and gave off a rather good first impression. Between that posture and those puppy dog eyes - not the easiest look for a kitty to pull off.

There was no denying she was cute, but now for the real test. I broke the rule and stuck my finger in the cage. She didn’t flinch! She just sniffed my finger and then…started to lick it. Uh-oh.

Normally, I’d be grossed out by a sandpaper tongue and saliva, but for some reason, I wasn’t. In that moment, I knew we’d be together for all of her nine lives.

“BUT WAIT!! Snap out of it, Peloso! You came here for a black cat! And she doesn’t even look like an Alvy. Move on! Go back and see if those other black kittens have changed their personalities.”

Long story somewhat short (longer version in the podcast) I told that voice to be quiet and picked up that black-brown puffball. When I tried to put her down, I couldn’t. She was stuck on my heart.

Sure, it probably had something to do with her Cutco claws, but it felt like she wouldn’t let go on purpose. (I’m glad she didn’t.)

After tearing my friend away like a child from his new furry friends, I drove home with Sammy on my shoulder. (She migrated up, thanks to the seatbelt.) And more than 16 years - and 8 moves later - she’s still my Sidekick Sam.

One day I hope to have an amazing love story that doesn’t involve a cat - or cages, claws and clinging for that matter - but for now, this one will do because it serves as a reminder to be open.

Only when your heart and mind are open, will you find what you didn’t even know you wanted.

Is there anything in life you’re so hard-pressed about that you’ve closed yourself off to other possibilities? That’s dangerous territory, my friend, because you may miss out on something even better than you could imagine for yourself.

This is another paradox, right? On one hand we’re told to be specific and have a clear goal and then on the other, we’re supposed to be open to other things and not tied to that goal. WHAT THE HECK??

I’m talking about how to deal with that in the podcast, so join me there!

Have a purr-fect week and I’ll “bee” back before you know it! :)

Bee Buzzing,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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