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Meet My New Man!

There's a new man in my life and despite the fact that he's only two days old, I've already learned a lot from him.

Hello!  I'd like you to meet the new man in my life.  He may be two days old, but I've already learned a lot from him.  ;)

My best friend - yes, the one who told me to shut up - had a beautiful baby boy Tuesday night!

Now, many of my friends have children, but I've never been this close to their pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  It was - without a doubt - the most incredible experience of my life.

I feel so blessed that my best friends wanted me to be part of such a life-changing moment.  It was an honor to support them and witness their family of two become three!

And, as silly as this sounds, I miss them.  I went home to feed my kitties (and myself) and to take a shower (that has got to happen soon!) and all I can think about (besides you!) is getting back to the hospital to be with them. And to steal a bite of food from the new mom.  Seriously, the menu is all about sustainable, locally- sourced, homemade food.  Go Mt. Sinai Hospital!

I had some technical difficulties recording video, so sadly you won't get to see my greasy hair and tired eyes, but you can listen to my euphoria and how the lessons I've learned from this experience can apply to your life -  whether you're a mom or not.

Here's the lowdown I go into more detail about in the podcast:

  • When you're pregnant, you're in preparation mode.  You wanted a family and did what you had to do to get one.  You're intentional about your future and how you want to raise your child - hopefully!
    • "Bee" intentional about your life.  What do you want for your future?  Think about that and get it into motion! Expect good things and get excited for it to happen.  It may take longer than 9 months,
      but you're living life anyway, so what does the timing matter?  It's all perfect.
  • Some of the best things in life don't come easy. I'm sure every woman would dream of having a toilet baby (you know, those moms who just thought they had gas and their baby slipped right out when they tried to poo?!?) but the truth of the matter is labor is WORK.  You push and you breathe and you ride the physical and emotional roller-coaster, but the whole time you keep your eye on the prize - that bundle of love you cooked up inside!
    • What you want will take work,but if you're committed to having it, you'll get it.  It may not come easy, but it seems like that's the case for the things in life that are most worth it.
  • This little nugget was soooo comfy cozy in the hospitable environment his mom created for him that he stayed there 11 days past his due date!  Now he's out and trying to get used to his new surroundings. He's hearing
    and seeing new things and has to work for his food!  He may struggle and cry a bit, but he's doing it. (You go sweetie!!!)  He's gonna be learning so much and experiencing so many new things every day as he's
    • We may not like it when we leave our comfort zone either, but we won't experience all the good stuff we don't even know is possible yet if we stay there.  So don't be afraid - come out already!  You may squirm a bit, but it's all good! We must never stop learning and growing.
  • Take care of your basic needs. Priorities fall in line pretty darn quick when you have a baby.  You have to sleep when you can, eat nourishing foods, and hydrate or you'll be no good to anyone!
    • If we don't take care of our basic needs, we will suffer. What are your priorities? Make sure you are getting proper rest and eating well so you can think straight and have the energy to accomplish all you want to!
  • You can do anything. This was my friends first child so she had no benchmark to compare her experience to.  If she could get through this intense physical and mental challenge, she can do anything.
    • When my clients feel like they can't go any further, I tell them to go back to their past and think of a time when they found the inner strength to keep moving forward. When they remind themselves that they did it once, they realize they can do it again.  Encourage and stir yourself up!

So,thanks for letting me spew my thoughts.  My English teacher would be horrified that there was no thesis statement, but whatever.

I felt so strongly about sharing what just happened that I had to let go of perfection and the thought that you might be grading me and just write - and talk.

Don't forget that you can listen to me and feel my energy as I talk to you in today's podcast.  Find out what made my ugly cry beautiful and the life lesson I talked about with the cashier at Unleashed.  LOL

Remember, if you liked this, chances are someone you know might too, so feel free to spread The Buzz! I’d “bee” ever so grateful. :)

Until next time…

Bee Buzzing,

Amy, The Queen Bee NYC 
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