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One Thing Leads to Another

Our actions have a domino effect on our life, and that’s why it’s so important to consciously create.

Have you heard the saying, “You are what you think”?

My guess is yes. However, what I’ve come to notice is that people don’t fully grasp the immense power that our thoughts have on our lives.

Just as you can’t eat a ton of pizza, pasta, and ice cream every day and be the picture of perfect health, you can’t think thoughts of worry, resentment, frustration, etc. and expect to be happy. It doesn’t work that way. Believe me, I’ve tried (both)!

So, with the concept of learning by doing in mind, let’s test this out. Are you with me?

Recall something that irritated you. Maybe it was a disagreement with someone who said something that really got under your skin and made your blood boil. Play the scene over again in your mind.

What’s happening physiologically as you relive this? Is your brow furrowed? Jaw clenched?
Body tense? While cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies may benefit from this, you, my friend, do not!

Now, think about something more positive, like reuniting with someone you love, being on vacation, enjoying a delicious meal, watching the sunset, scoring a great bargain,
or seeing a cute baby or a basket of puppies. (Ruff!)

Take note of your body. Are you feeling tense and closed, or are you more at ease and open? Are you smiling? There’s a good chance you are. If not, your heart is stone. Just kidding!

Do you see how you were able to control your feelings with your thoughts? Didn’t realize that you were that powerful, did you? Told ya!

Once you have this information, it’s a game-changer, but you can’t just know better, you have to do better.

That’s because our most frequent and persistent thoughts create our attitude, and that outlook determines our actions. As The Fixx sings, “One Thing Leads to Another”.

Our actions have a domino effect on our life, and that’s why it’s so important to consciously create. When you’re conscious, you’re awake and aware.

I used to be the opposite. I never gave much thought to what I was doing, and I was always on autopilot, never looking within so that I could be intentional about what I did.

If I was having a conversation, I had a hard time being fully present. I was either playing back what I just said to make sure it was “okay” or jumping ahead to what I was going to say next.

I was living with low-grade anxiety and had no idea how much pain that was causing until it stopped.

There was no learning by osmosis. (I wish!) Instead, I had to make a conscious effort and take consistent action to put this teaching into practice.

The fact that we have control over our thoughts was news to me when I first read about the concept back in high school. It took a lot of repetition to sink in, but it did!

We can indeed retrain our brains, and I’m going to explain in detail next week.

For now, if this is the first time you’re hearing about this, let the seed I just planted take root. If you’ve heard it before, then just water it this week, okay?

Do some more experimenting with your thoughts. Sure, you can conjure up more scenarios to see how you feel when you think about them, but why not take the experiment into real life?

Take note of how you feel as you have that not-so-fun conversation with your spouse, or as you sit in (yet another) team meeting, or as you scroll through all your friends’ Facebook photos.

Be aware of the feelings that are triggered and observe those emotions. You can do it!

I’d love to hear what you do and how you feel, and I look forward to sharing some potent practices with you next week.

Here’s to “bee”ing more mindful and present!

Bee Buzzing,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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