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One Way The Past Can Help Your Future

You may not be able to relive the shining moments of the past, but you can use them to brighten your future.

While I’m physically in NYC, mentally, I’m back in the ‘burgh.

Dreary days like today take me back to my time at Pitt. I mean that in a good way! Even when the day was gray, it was generally sunny in my world.

I had an amazing 4 years at The University of Pittsburgh.

I met some of the greatest people (who are still in my life), had a wonderful educational experience (in, but mostly out of the classroom), and enjoyed fries from The O on the regular. And chicken sandwiches. (Yum!) And pizza. (Perfect when I was low on cash (A whole pie for $4? Say what?!) and in need (I use that term loosely) of something to eat at 3 AM, after being up all night studying. Yes, studying.)

When I travel across the good ol’ PA Turnpike, in my mind I start to feel what I felt at Pitt: hopeful anticipation, promise, excitement, possibility…

Okay, maybe not every day was like that.

I did have moments of freaking out, which my parents and roommate know all too well. (Too late to apologize? Again? LOL)

Because you know that paper I had to write? Well, the topic was stupid. (I chose it.) The deadline was ridiculous. (Why bother with drafts when you could just start 12 hours before it was due?) And besides, how was any of this going to get me on Saturday Night Live?? What was I even doing in college?!

Oh young Amy, you were a piece of work.

Back to my point. There is one.

I used to look back on the good times of the past and feel sad or angry that I couldn’t go back. So much to say on that, but I’ll stick to this one point:

Waxing nostalgic can be productive.

It can alert you to something that’s missing in your life.

Is there a time you look back on fondly? What made it memorable for you?

Were you with a particular person? Were you doing something you enjoyed? Were you in the location of your dreams?

When you pinpoint some of the specifics, ask yourself how you can get those good feelings back.

Maybe it’s as simple as reaching out to someone you lost contact with just to say hello and seeing where that takes you.

Or maybe you were a member of a club, and you realize you miss being part of a group. It may be time to find an organization or a Meetup group to get involved with and get social again.

You get the idea here. You can’t relive the shining moments of past, but you can use them to help brighten your future.

If you’re not feeling fulfilled, will you spend some time thinking about what made you happy and figuring out some ways to get those feelings back into your life?

You deserve to be happy and to enjoy each day!

If you’re having trouble doing this, it’s okay. There can be challenges, but they can be overcome.

This is just one of the ways I work with clients. And they tell me it’s actually better to talk to someone outside their inner circle.

Why? Because your friends are oftentimes dealing with their own issues and can’t dedicate the proper time and energy to yours.

But when you invest in my services as a coach, I invest in you.

So, are you feeling fulfilled? What time do you look back on and smile? What will you do to bring those good feelings back?

Share with me in the comments or via social media. I’d love to hear from you!

And as always, please feel free to share this with anyone you think might benefit. I’d “bee” ever so grateful!

Until next time…

Bee Buzzing,

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