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Push It. Push It Real Good.

When you feel like giving up, push yourself. Much like conditioning your body, there's some discomfort and sweat involved in conditioning your mind.

Hi! Happy Thursday! Hope you’re having an amazing week. With less heat and humidity here in NYC, it makes for a much sweeter Bee.

Before I get into it today, I just want to thank you SO MUCH for giving me feedback on The Buzz.

It’s been really gratifying to know that my words made you laugh, think, or feel better, that they were just what you needed at the time, and that you thought they could help someone else.

That’s truly awesome, because when you share with others, you’re helping increase my reach and giving me the ability to impact more people in a positive way, which is what this is all about for me. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

You have no idea – well, I guess you have some idea – how much it means to me.

What I’d like to give to you this week is some encouragement.

If you’ve been trying to break a thought pattern that doesn’t serve you, but you’re not where you’d like to be just yet, I’m here to tell you to push it. Don’t you dare give up!

You may not be able to see it, but you are so close to your turning point. Keep going. Besides, what’s your other option? Going back to the way things were before? No. No way. I will not let that happen.

Have you ever worked out with a trainer? Even if you’ve only watched The Biggest Loser, you’ve probably noticed that they don’t exactly go easy on their clients or tell them to stop whenever they feel like it.

They’re change agents. They know the only way to reshape a body is to work it in a way it hasn’t been worked before.

And oftentimes, that doesn’t feel so good. You feel the burn. You feel discomfort. You get winded, sore, and exhausted. And if you’re anything like me, you may even feel a ton of sweat dripping everywhere!

And while you may want to give up, you don’t. You’re firmly told (or scolded, depending on who you work with) that when you push yourself past the point where you feel like you can’t possibly do any more, that’s when the change happens.

You’ve been around long enough to know how this process works. Assuming you’re not sabotaging yourself by curling up with Ben & Jerry every night, you know that if you’re consistent, you’ll see results.

But I get it. I really do. It’s easy to give up when you don’t see things happening right away, but think about this…

You don’t work out once and expect to shed all your unwanted pounds, do you?! So, you can’t expect to think differently once and instantly transform into a new you.

If you’re anything like I used to be, you may want to slap me. I mean, how annoying, right? You want change NOW, and what I’m saying isn’t making that happen.  Too bad. I love you enough to tell you the truth. So there.


    • When you’ve been thinking the same way for years, it’s going to take
      some time to retrain your brain, but it can be done. You’ve got to
      condition your mind just as you do your body.
    • Think about your motivation. Why do you want change? How will it
      impact your life? Keep your eye on the prize, and use the results you
      want to fuel your new habits.
    • You WILL get to where you want to be and it will be a whole lot
      easier if you relax, go with el flow, and be nice to yourself during the
    • Be consistent, persistent, and patient.
    • And PUSH IT! Hey, if The Queen Bee can’t convince you, maybe a
      little Salt-N-Pepa can? Check out the video below. (OMG. If you could
      have seen my face when I watched it. I lost it, but now I’m so ready to
      bust these moves at my cousin’s wedding this weekend! Family, watch and
      get ready, because you are SO joining me on the dance floor!)

Call to Action:

If you’ve hit a low point and don’t have enough hope or energy to believe in the best for yourself, why not let me do that for you? I mean it. I’m full of hope, faith, and expectancy.

Send me an email letting me know what’s happening, and I’ll take whatever change you’re
looking for, hold it up, and send blasts of positive energy your way this week — and a quick note of encouragement.

I look forward to hearing from, and most of all, helping you.

And of course, feel free to spread The Buzz. I’d “bee” ever so grateful!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Bee Buzzing,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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