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Run Your Life Like A Business

When you regularly regroup to reassess your direction, you'll get to where you want to be quicker.

Hello! I’m happy to be back in touch after two weeks of being almost completely off the grid.

It wasn’t easy, but I forced myself to slow down and detach.

Oh, it was hard for you to take that much time off?? Must be nice...

Don’t hate now! It can be a real challenge if you have ants in your pants and a hamster on speed running the wheelhouse of your mind.

I’m just soooo happy it’s September. I can already feel the shift in energy and I’m ready to ramp up.

You see, this summer I didn’t feel grounded - at all. (Telling you why in the podcast.)

As a control freak in remission, I like to have an idea of what I’m doing and where I’m going, but I haven’t felt that way in months.

It’s been totally uncomfortable, but I think that unsettled feeling has actually been good for me.

It forced me to take some time to regroup. To figure out where I am and where I want to be.

It wasn’t so pleasant to do this because it meant I needed to face things head on and determine some new directions and goals.

I can’t lie - I was cranky for a while thinking about making more changes, but it’s what I need to do to move forward rather than to stay still.

It got me thinking. (Oh no.)

With so many unpredictable internal and external circumstances, this sort of thing happens all the time in our jobs, but we don’t usually freak out when the sh*t hits the fan. (If we do, then it usually won’t be long before we’re out of a job!)

Realizing that the only constant is change, we simply regroup and find ways to deal.

In fact, as much as we may roll our eyes at these things, most companies have measures in place to stay on track – regular updates with managers and team members, strategy sessions, quarterly performance assessments, annual reviews, etc.

We can put these kinds of measures in place for our life too.

Feeling unfocused and unclear? Book a meeting with yourself to regroup.

Assess the situation – without all the emotion. Where are you? Where would you like to be? Brainstorm ideas and map out a strategy to get there.

Then check in with yourself on a regular basis to see if you’re on course – or still want to be on that one.

It’s your life. You can change at any time. No big deal. (Well, depending on what you want, it very well may be a big deal, but the good news is it’ll be nothing you can’t handle!)

In today’s podcast I’m talking about my time in “summer school”, how long it really takes to regain your footing and empowering you to take run your life like a business.

“Bee” sure to listen to get good and buzzed!

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Until next time…

Bee Buzzing,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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