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 The Queen Bee NYC Adds More Health and Happiness to Her Hive



 The Queen Bee NYC Adds More Health and Happiness to Her Hive

NEW YORK CITY – The Hive is pleased to announce the Queen Bee NYC, Amy Peloso, joined San Francisco-based Oh My Green! (OMG!, as the NYC Head of Happiness in February. OMG! provides healthy, non-GMO, organic foods to corporations and businesses committed to wellness and productivity for their employees. In her new position, Peloso will oversee the customer service experience for all clients in the NYC-metro market, leading a growing team of Happiness Crew Members as market penetration deepens. She'll also expand and create additional wellness programs for clients.

“I'm thrilled to be spearheading the customer happiness experience within Oh My Green’s NYC market,” says the Queen Bee NYC. “I'm a firm believer in a stealth health mentality within companies, the perspective that employees who eat better feel better, and are, therefore, more creative and engaged in their work. Having readily available and healthy nutrition options on-site, as well as Happiness Crew Members to answer questions and replenish stock, clients reap the benefit of increased enthusiasm, energy, and employee engagement around health and wellness.”

Peloso is committed to creating client partnerships that deliver an extraordinary customer experience. Known for her enthusiasm, positivity, and strategic problem solving acumen, she will apply a one-size-fits-no-one approach that allows each client relationship to flourish through personal communication and responsiveness.

The Queen Bee NYC has always been dedicated to maximizing happiness and human potential through her career coaching consultancy. “Throughout my career, I have seen over and over that job happiness directly aligns with performance,” says Peloso. “OMG’s products and services support that mechanism. Being a part of this company makes me very happy, too!”

Currently, OMG! is in the start-up phase of its business growth in the NYC market. Therefore, Peloso is happily working from dawn to dusk (literally) from OMG’s Brooklyn-based supply headquarters, at various client locations, or her new apartment with a view of the NYC skyline (Hello, Upper West Side!). In addition, she continues to promote career health and happiness through her private coaching practice on weekends.

Prior to joining OMG! and operating her own consultancy, Peloso held senior client management and sales specialist positions for Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, AstraZeneca and Hearst Magazines. Her client relationships included HBO, Disney, Nielsen Media, MTV Networks, Chopard, Lacoste, ABC, and Tory Burch, among others. She is a Certified Life and Career Coach who has been trained in Emotional Intelligence. In addition, Peloso is an inspirational writer well known in certain circles for her popular blog and podcasts entitled The Queen Bee’s Buzz.

Peloso credits her current state of work/life happiness to an unwavering commitment to listening to her own inner truth, checking in with God on every decision, prayer, and not settling for what she really didn’t want – even when everyone else was telling her to do what was safe or easy. Once again, she shows us all that going with the flow gets us more perfectly to the right destination with its own beauty, truth and happiness.

In lieu of individual get-togethers to celebrate, and since she is ecstatically engaged in start-up mania, the Queen Bee NYC asks that you subscribe to the Queen Bee’s Buzz at for 1) new and inspiring podcasts and updates, and 2) details for an early summer Hive Happy Hour Catch-up at a Manhattan watering hole. Peloso also has several projects in development for later in the year.

The Queen Bee NYC can be found on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. To retain her for coaching services, please visit her website at To learn more about how your company can increase health and productivity through OMG! products and services, please contact Peloso at

Until then, Bee Your Best. Bee Yourself. Create Buzz!

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