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Stop And Smell The Roses

Focusing on the positive things in life will make you feel better, so take time to stop and smell the roses!

You having a wonderful week so far? I hope so. It’s been awesome on my end. How so, you ask?

    • The weather in NYC has been amazing!!
    • My brother moved into his new home at the University of South
      Carolina and despite the typical transition anxiety, he seems to be
      having a great experience so far. This makes all who know and love him
      very happy and relieved! Granted, class hasn’t started yet, so it could
      all change real soon. (Good luck today, John, and remember those tips
      from “Where There’s a Will There’s an A” (blast from el past!)).
    • I had the most delicious macaron (Wedding Almond is where it’s at!) at Macaron Café with my BFF. How we both managed to savor one cookie in more than two bites was both impressive and unusual.
    • A surprise package of Funyuns arrived in the mail from a dedicated
      member of The Hive. That had me super excited, and also meant I didn’t
      have to think about dinner.
    • I had an impromptu get together with my girls from kickboxing. I’m
      not often spontaneous (working on it!), so it felt nice to do that and
      also to connect and laugh without having to keep our guards up. (You had
      to know that cheese was coming.)
    • I had one of those amazing subway experiences (How often do you hear
      that?), where as soon as I got to the platform, the train was there –
      for all three of my connections! I got to my destination in record time
      with ease and barely any sweat. Glorious!
    • An accidental pocket dial (you didn’t mean to call me?!) turned into a lovely phone conversation!
    • I slept through the night three times! (Dare I say Tommy is finished
      with his walking across my pillow phase??)The gray hair that seems
      determined to make its presence known is gone!
    • The man who made my falafel sandwich asked me for help with the
      pronunciation of some words and seemed to be really appreciative of my
      time and help. And, I was very appreciative of how he made my sandwich.
      He chopped up the balls and the even distribution of ground chickpeas
      really made it easier and less messy to devour!
    • The handsome Ed Burns lookalike dog walker turned around to look at me
      when I turned around to look at him! Ahh!!! (Yes, I am so high school,
      but I don’t care!)
    • As I was doing some start-up coaching for two of my
      “solopreneur” clients, the creative juices were flowing, and now there’s
      a new coaching offering in the works around that.
    • There was a sale on toilet paper, the cushiony kind, not the
      one-step-up-from-sandpaper kind. I know this happens frequently, but I
      always feel like a winner when I stumble upon a sale when I’m just about
      to run out of TP but not on a mission for more. It’s the little things…

There are so many more good things that happened, but did only good things happen this week? Of course not! Ha! Here’s a sampling of what else went on:

    • As I was leaving a restaurant, I somehow got caught in the stool I
      was sitting on and knocked it over, followed by my purse (full dump out)
      and then almost the table. Glasses of water were shaking – as was I!
    • I was walking really fast (slow down!) and got yanked back abruptly because my heel got caught in a slit in the sidewalk.
    • I witnessed three car accidents.
    • When I picked up my scarf from the dry cleaner, it had small tears that I could have sworn weren’t there before…
    • Just a few short hours after I washed it, somebody (who shall remain nameless) coughed up a huge hairball onto my quilt. Lovely.
    • I poured coffee into my filter when it wasn’t over my mug, and I didn’t seem to stop once I noticed it.
    • I felt sick inside each morning as I read the headlines for the day. (Not The Hollywood Reporter ones…)

There’s more, but I have to tell you, as I think about this stuff, my face is scrunching up and I feel pretty crummy, and I vowed a while back that if it didn’t feel good, I wouldn’t do it! So no más!

It’s not that I’m in denial about what’s happening. I acknowledge everything but choose to focus on the positive. That’s what gets the good juices flowing. Doing so makes me feel good, which in turn makes those around me feel good. (There’s that rad ripple energy effect

Willing to try this yourself? We’re not talking long-term commitments, or sweeping life changes (though those may come after!), just a short experiment, one week, twice a day. Start your day by giving thanks for what you’ve got, and then wrap it up with a recount of the
positive things that took place.

See how you feel after doing this. Really be aware of your body and mind and what happens when you’re concentrating on the good versus not-so-good things. Please report back. I’d love to hear about your experience. Share in the comments below, via Facebook, or through good ol’ email!

And if you liked this, chances are someone you know might too.  Please spread The Buzz! I’d “bee” ever so grateful!

Have a beautiful day, an awesome weekend, and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

Bee Buzzing,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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