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The Importance of Going to Your Happy Place

Why dwelling in possibility and dreaming big are important.

Do you dream?  I don’t mean the kind of dream you have during sleep that you may or may not remember.  I mean the kind where you consciously create.  I do.

I remember staring out the window in school and constantly getting called out for not paying attention.  (That was when I wasn’t talking!)  I remember spinning around on the soccer field like Maria from “The Sound of Music,” in shin guards and cleats.  (That was before I moved to
an offensive position—in fact, dreaming is what led to that!) And I remember summers laying on the beach with my Walkman, listening to the same song over and over again as I made up music videos starring me and whoever I was crushing on at the time.

Heck, I even fantasize that way now—sans the beach part!  My friends call it the “movie in my mind.”  And you know what?  They may tease, but I quite like being the writer, producer and director of Amy’s Mind Cinemas.  

Am I embarrassed to admit this?  Nope.  People do lots of different things in order to feel good.  They watch TV, laugh, eat, drink, run, dance, have sex, cook, play games, listen to music, travel…

I’m just “going to my happy place,” and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.  In fact, it’s the opposite.

Creative visualization stimulates the flow of good chemicals in the body, and it gives you something to hope and reach for.  To me, that’s a whole lot better than doing other things in excess, which might make me feel good but aren’t so good for me…

Some people find it challenging to do this because of what they’ve been conditioned to believe.  I work with people where this is very much the case.

In some instances, such people were reprimanded for dreaming, so it’s not something they feel okay doing.  Others were told they needed to wake up and live in the real world.  Some just heard the people around them always talking about being realistic and don’t even realize how that phrase has become ingrained in their psyche.  Some just feel silly and childish and don’t think it’s a very “adult” thing to do.

Here’s what’s interesting.  We get what we ask for.  Maybe not right away, but in some form it always comes.  When you realize that we have a hand in creating our reality, you’ll be more aware and conscious of the thoughts you choose to think.

Consider all the inventions, attractions and entertainment we enjoy and appreciate.  Someone had a vision to make those things possible.  And I’m sure they had their share of naysayers who called them “unrealistic”.  But these thought rebels went for it anyway and changed the way we live.

Whether it’s finding the cupcake, the man (or woman), the home, or the job of your dreams, it’s possible.  And if anyone tells you otherwise, ignore them.  Heck, maybe the conviction you have for your dream will give them the courage to pursue theirs.

The reason dreams are on my mind lately is because it’s graduation time!  I’ve been seeing people all around the city in their caps and gowns, taking pictures with family and friends.  And today that’s going to be me.  Well, I won’t be donning the cap and gown, but my (much)
younger brother will be, and I’ll be there to clap and cheer and probably tear…  I’m an emotional being, what can I say? 

Watching as he’s counted down the days this past year has made me reminisce about the time in my life when I made the major transition (not realizing how major it would actually be) from high school to college.  I remember how I was feeling, and what I was hoping for.  It
was an exciting time for me, and now it’s his turn.  Yay!

I hope my dear brother stays young at heart, true to himself, and doesn’t get jaded by this so-called reality.  I hope he sees all the positive possibilities and believes in his potential, and that he dares to dream big.

In fact, I have the same hope for you, too.

Have faith in your dreams because you become what you believe.

Well, it’s time to put on the waterproof mascara and break out my pom-poms.

Talk to you soon!

Some Takeaways:

    • You become what you believe, so no more dreading what’s ahead.  Take control of your thoughts and dwell in positive possibility.
    • It takes courage to dream big, but wouldn’t you rather dream big and get half of it than dream small and get all of it?
    • Your dreams, your wants, and your desires are unique, so don’t compare yourself to others.
    • Check out NPR’s searchable database of more than 300 of the best commencement speeches since 1774 and let the inspiration flow!!

If you liked this, chances are someone you know might too!  Please spread The Buzz.  I’d “bee” ever so grateful!

Now, I’d love to hear from you!  Does anything hold you back from dreaming?  Do your beliefs about what you “should” be doing as a mature adult have you feeling stuck and unhappy? Have you become jaded by reality?  Will you dare to do things differently and dream big?  Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Here’s to living your sweetest life!

Bee buzzing!
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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