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What if You're Right?

What would happen if you decided to listen to and trust yourself more than anyone else?

Just a friendly reminder that you can give your beautiful eyes a rest - or do two things at once – and listen to this post.

I’ve got some sweet details you’ll only hear in the podcast, like the bold decision I made on my last day, the secret to looking years younger, and why there’s a picture of a NYC street vendor above.

Off we go!

July 2004 I was so worn out from my job that I felt like I was 28 going on 208.

Remember, the job my friend told me to stop talking about it, explaining that if I wasn’t part of the solution I was part of the problem? Yeah, that was this one.

At the time, two of the girls on my three-person team had already given notice and it seemed that mine was inevitable.

Now what do you do when your best friend doesn’t want to hear your work saga anymore? Burden your parents with it, that’s what!

I talked to my dad, whose school of thought was you should never leave a job without a job. I remember hearing that - a lot. And since I totally respected and looked up to him (still do - virtual fist bump dad!) I wanted to take what he said seriously and put it into action. But…

How?!? I was working 12- 14 hour days and had an hour plus commute to and from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

(And it was even longer when you entered the subway station deliriously exhausted and got on the train going in the opposite direction... I'd often fall asleep as soon as I sat down and wake up in Queens with “I hate my life tears” welling up when it hit me
that it was going to take even longer to get home. Wah!)

I was in a bad place and barely had time for eating, sleeping, and Tony Horton (P-90 original workout on VHS, baby!) let alone to sit down at the computer and map out a job search. The thought made me feel trapped. Doomed.

As much as I wanted to please my dad by taking his advice, it didn’t feel right for me. And I felt frustrated because I wasn’t getting the validation I needed/wanted.
What I came to learn was that besides getting some personal peace, my best friend wanted the same for me.  She understood something I didn’t yet – that until I stopped talking, I wouldn’t be able to hear myself.
With that realization, I stopped talking to my dad - and everyone - so I could have a little chat with myself. And it didn’t take long to hear my own voice loud and clear telling me it was time to resign.

Now, just because I received that direct order, doesn’t mean executing it was easy breezy! I was scared, but decided to have faith in my decision. When I did, a wave of relief washed over me - after the surge of panic, of course. ;-)

When I reached out to say good-bye to the folks I worked with, I expressed my desire to go back to nonprofit.
Less than two months later, I got an email from a woman at the company I just left. She was on the board of a nonprofit, heard they needed someone, and thought of me.
A couple weeks later, I was hired there and my dad could finally sleep at night.

If you’re in a situation where you’re unhappy, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or feels.

I will say this until I’m blue in the face like a Smurf – you are the only one who has to live your life so you might as well live it on your own terms!!

I respected my dad, but needed to demonstrate respect for myself. And in the end, doing so led me to my next best thing.

Are you staying stuck in a situation because you don’t know what will happen if you rock the boat?

Let me kindly remind you that you don’t know what's going to happen at any point in time!

You could get an email with bad/sad news, water could start leaking from your ceiling, or you could bump into your next boyfriend at FedEx/Kinkos!

Developing confidence and faith is a practice, and it may be challenging to start (like anything new) but when you keep at it, you get better.

You can relax, be led, and feel like you're living in a flow.  It's possible.  I want that for you.

Listen to the podcast for some quick tips on how to start. It’s easier than you think.

You got this! And you know where to find me if you don’t.

And please spread The Buzz with the links below if you liked it and think it could help someone else. I’d "bee" ever so grateful!

Bee Buzzing,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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