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What's Your Drug of Choice?

Everyone has their own special cocktail when it comes to feeling better. What's yours?

What do we use drugs for?  Recreation and experimentation, of course!  Kidding...

I’m not talking about harmful or habit-forming narcotics, but referring to drugs like their synonym -medicine - which by definition (thanks!) means:

1) any substance used in treating disease or illness; remedy. 2) the art or science of restoring or preserving health

We take drugs to feel better and when we feel better, our performance is enhanced.

We’re better to ourselves, or families, friends, colleagues, the man at the bodega making our breakfast sandwich…

Do you want to live life fully engaged and present instead of all the sudden realizing it’s Thursday and not being able to remember what you did all week?

We’ve got to stop wearing busyness as a badge of honor (I used to be covered!) and not feel guilty for attempting to slow down, keep distractions at bay, and enjoy the moments that make up our life!

It’s much easier to be present when you actually feel well. Because when you’re run down, stressed out, and overly emotional, it’s like zipping down a water slide into a pool of poor choices.

I know because I had a year-round pass and swam so much that my skin was permanently pruned!

And I do dive in on occasion, but who doesn’t? The good news is that you don’t have to drown if this happens. You just have to know how to get out or call on a lifeguard to throw you a line!

We want to get to a point where we’re so aware of where we are at any given moment that we can stop ourselves from being in that pool in the first place or moving from shallow waters to the deep end.

And this self-awareness comes easiest when we’re at our peak performance - when we’re feeling rested and energetic, healthy and content.

Using the term “drug” in the broader scope, what’s your drug of choice? What makes you feel better? It’s most likely a specialty cocktail mix.

Mine at the moment is a combination of alone time, texting my favorite people, sweating it out, giving myself a manicure, and watching Will & Grace on WE tv. (How GREAT was that show?!?!)

Now what does it for you may be green juice, meditation, a run, a nap, music, vitamins, cooking , massages, flowers, candles, US Weekly and a glass of vino – you get the idea.

You deserve to “bee” your best. Because that’s when your much-needed hope is restored and strength renewed. And things just look brighter and smell better - even after a Saturday AM garbage pickup.

“Bee” aware of how you’re feeling and if you notice that you’re impatient, irritable, exhausted, unmotivated, down in the dumps, etc. – mix up your cocktail right away!

One key to getting effective results is that you actually have to care about yourself. It may seem crazy to have to say that, but at the core, if you don’t do what’s necessary, you have to uncover the why.

A coach can help you with that and in today’s podcast I’m diving into that more.

If you’re off in the deep end and are tired of treading water, I have some tips to stay afloat and “bee” rescued, so have a listen.

And if you liked this, chances are someone you know might too. I’d “bee” ever so grateful if you spread The Buzz with the links provided so we can get more and more people feeling good and buzzed!

Until next time...

Bee Buzzing,
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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