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What The Bangles Taught Me About Clarity

"If She Knew What She Wants" clicked 20+ years later!

I used to be a pop star.  In my imagination of course.  Susanna Hoff from The Bangles was my go-to.  I'd dress up, strap on my guitar (read: tennis racket rigged with thick fluorescent shoelaces as a strap and a quarter for a pick) and sing and dance in front of my mirror.

I forgot about my self-imposed childhood stardom until recently when I woke up singing "If She Knew What She Wants" by The Bangles (why?!) and suddenly saw myself back in Yardley, Pennsylvania, on Albright Drive, upstairs in my room "performing" that song!  


Anyway, I had no idea what that song was about back then, but it finally hit me: CLARITY!

The girl they were singing about didn't know what she wanted.  And if she knew what she wanted, he'd be givin' it to her.  Givin' it to her...  (Anyone else giggling like a teenage boy?!)

Anyway it makes so much sense.  You have to know what you want in order to get it.  If not,
you're pretty much wandering aimlessly. I've witnessed my clients feeling this way in the beginning.  They don't know what to do and feel like they've lost touch with what they want.  

While there's plenty of action we take to uncover personal desires and goals, things only start
to become clear when the client stops what they're doing and gets still.

Here's the deal. If we're always go-go-going, the noise from the outside world can start to drown out the sound of our own voice, making it all too easy to get distracted and confused. Shutting out the world -- for even a few short minutes -- does wonders to reconnect us to our purpose.

So, if you feel like you have no idea what you want and are in search for some clarity, just chill out!  Note: This is totally counter intuitive for people hard-wired to control (like me!) but it works.  So do it!  haha haha

Seriously, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can center yourself and get back on the "right" track when you get still and quiet!  It's like what Lao Tzu said, "Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear.”

Click on the picture of the young girl who didn't know that "less is more" to enjoy a blast from the past -- the 1986 hit "If She Knew What She Wants"!

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