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Why Skimping May Do More Harm Than Good

Skimping on or settling for things that don't make us feel good has an effect on us and others.

I felt inspired and challenged by an article that gave examples of what people did with the money they saved by making small tweaks in their spending, so when I walked by the window of some random store and saw “SALE” in large, bold font on a fluorescent orange piece of paper stuck to a giant tub of coffee, I thought, ‘There’s my sign! I’m being led to save money on coffee and given the amount of it I drink, I’ll have enough for another European vacation in no time!” Game ON!

So I bought two tubs. And a couple weeks later, I bought two more. This continued for months…

Then I got a wake-up call. After grabbing coffee from a deli in Port Authority for me and my friend to have on our ride to Jerz, she took one sip, scrunched up her face, and declared: “That is TERRIBLE!!” “Really?” I asked. “It’s not that bad!” Wrong response!

I got a look. You know, one of those looks that when held long enough instills the feeling that you’re clearly out of your freakin’ mind? I was promptly told that I must have gotten so used to my “cheap ass” coffee that I don’t even know what it’s supposed to taste like
anymore! (Say it ain’t so!!)

Like any stubborn esh (there’s your Armenian word for the week.) I hit snooze on that alarm and went right back to my new normal. After all, I was in the middle of a challenge!

Although my friend thought I was poisoning her that morning at Port Authority, she quickly let it go and gave me a gift the next time I saw her. (Way to bee!) It was a bag of beans from I Am Coffee — a place we’d been to a while back where we had a delicious experience. She
wanted to remind me of it. (How thoughtful!)

Side note: It took longer to recall that experience because I had to grind the beans. Easy to do when you have a grinder, but I don’t and didn’t want to buy one. I was, after all, trying to save money.

After days of wondering what to do, I got resourceful and texted my friend to ask. (Sometimes it’s just so hard to problem solve.) She mentioned Trader Joe’s having a grinder, so off I went with my bag of beans to TJ’s.

I found a crew member, explained my bean situation, kindly asked permission to use their machine, and my request was denied! This lady looked at me like I was a trader to her joe. (I couldn’t help myself with that one.)

As I was checking out (can you really go into Trader Joe’s and NOT buy something??) I was telling my story (nicely) to the cashier and she told me to go downstairs, get my grind on, and drop her name if anyone tried to stop me. My world order had been restored.

The next morning, I couldn’t stop smiling. I thoroughly enjoyed each sip of the bold, dark, incredibly smooth coffee. As I savored my beverage, I realized that even though coffee’s acidic, it’s not supposed to burn going down… A feeling I had unfortunately gotten used to
drinking the other stuff.

I took a break from bliss to text my friend and let her know how much I was loving the coffee! Then she simply asked, why if I loved coffee so much would I skimp on it? Damn… Good question.

While there’s a lot of debate over the coffee-drinking habit, it is nonetheless, a special part of my day. I looked forward to sitting by the window with my first cup, letting my mind wander as I wake up. And then, with the second, getting buzzed and in the right mindset for the

If this ritual is so important to me, why would I lessen the experience by making myself drink something that the only thing I like about is the price? Maybe I could challenge myself another way…

Listen, it’s great to be responsible with our money and I’m in no way saying we should all go off the deep end and start charging things, spending tomorrow’s prosperity today just to feel good temporarily.

The point I’d like to make is that there’s more than just financial currency being spent/exchanged. There’s emotional currency as well. How we FEEL. Our energy.

When I drank the so-so coffee, without really realizing it, I stopped looking forward to my morning routine. I dragged myself to the burner and braced myself for the heartburn.

When I drank the delicious coffee, I was excited to get out of bed, pop open the canister, and take in the aroma. I could barely wait for the water to boil so I could taste that first warm sip, sit in my chair, and get ready to start my day. I was smiley. Grateful. Happy.

Whatever energy we’re feeling isn’t just living inside our bodies and minds. It’s being put out into the world and can infect those we come in contact with.

We know this is true because we pick up on those energetic vibes when we’re around people. We can tell the girl sitting across from that guy with her arms crossed is peeved at something… The one who’s walking her dog with a spring in her step feels on top of the world… And the one who denies a humble request to grind another brand of beans is in
need of a power trip…

I’m also not saying we need to be sunshine every day, just shedding light on the fact that when we deprive ourselves of something that makes us truly happy, it can generate icky feelings (irritability, resentment, etc.) that build up and leak out. Oftentimes, this happens
slowly and steadily and becomes a silent spirit killer we had no idea was lurking about!

So, how do you want to live? Do you want to leak toxicity or spread positivity? (Please choose the latter.) Not only will you feel better, but everyone else around you will too. And the people around them. And so forth. A rad ripple effect!

Think about what you value and what’s important to you. Then evaluate. Are you skimping or settling? If so, no mas! I urge you to indulge and enjoy and watch what happens when you care enough to gift yourself with pleasure.


    • Believe it or not, Trader Joe’s staff can get cranky too.
    • I Am Coffee on St. Mark’s Place (photo above) has one of THE best
      tasting coffees I’ve ever had.  And I’ve been to Tim Horton’s.  (That’s
      for you, my Canadian friend.  Singular. <wink>)
    • Take stock to see if there’s anything in your life you’re
      skimping on or settling for that’s causing icky feelings to build up and
      leak out
      .  It may be time to let go soyou can feel light and free.  Life’s too short to bee anything but buzzed!
    • I’m giving away a bag of beans from I Am Coffee (I’ll
      make sure they’re ground.) to one lucky reader who’ll be announced in
      next weeks’ Buzz!  Simply share your thoughts in the comments or on
      Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and you’ll be entered into the drawing!

Now, I’d love to hear from you! Have you had this type of experience? What are some of the things you value and take pleasure in? Are there things you’re settling for that you won’t let go of? Do Ineed to sing you the song from Frozen?? Leave a comment and let me know!

And if you liked this, chances are someone you know might too! Please spread The Buzz. I’d bee ever-so grateful!

Bee buzzing!
Amy, The Queen Bee NYC

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